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BMW I8 Rental pensacola 2016

Choice Signature offers BMW I8 in this luxury black on black 2016 model with Lamborghini doors. The BMW I8 is one of the most luxurious models from the leading car brand, and that’s why it is part of the fleet at Choice Signature Luxury Rentals. This high-performance vehicle is a one-of-a-kind plug-in hybrid that runs more efficiently on the road than any other vehicle and provides optimal comfort without compromising safety. We believe that everybody should get behind the wheel of a BMW I8 at least once in their life, especially since purchasing one is not in the cards for most people on a budget.

The solution to experiencing the feel of this spectacular luxury vehicle is renting one, and Choice Signature Rentals is offering the best deal to help you sate the craving. Most people ask a common question at our auto facility; why should I rent a BMW I8, and what do I need to make this rental dream happen? Here are some of the reasons you should consider driving one of these powerful cars.

Serious Hybrid Power

The world is currently on a path toward sustainability, and what better way to achieve this than driving a hybrid-powered vehicle. The BMW I8 has features that blow other hybrid vehicles out of the water; with a 1.5L, three-cylinder engine and two electric motors powered by a powerful battery pack, you are guaranteed optimal efficiency and quality performance. Like most BMW models, it is fitted with top-of-the-line technology to assist the driver, such as collision warnings, emergency braking, and parking sensors on the rear and front for safety.

Renting an Expensive Car

The cost of purchasing one of these modern automobiles can leave a significant dent in your finances, and that’s why renting one for that special occasion makes more sense. At Choice Signature Luxury Rentals, we specialize in high-end luxury vehicles, but clients should be aware of more restrictions compared to less exotic rentals. Most luxury rental services require clients with insurance before getting behind the wheel. Still, we can help you avoid the scrutiny by providing an experienced chauffeur to avoid being on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Getting Behind the Wheel

If you are an exotic car enthusiast, then the BMW I8 has to be on your list for the most luxurious cars of the decade. We don’t need to know if you are contingent on purchasing one since our rental prices are affordable to all who want to know all the hype. Contact us today at Choice Signature Luxury Rental and enjoy driving your future car today.



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February 1, 2023




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February 1, 2023



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  1. I recently rented a BMW from Choice Signature for a special occasion and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The vehicle was in immaculate condition and the driver was professional and courteous. The reservation process was smooth and the price was very reasonable for the level of luxury and performance we received. The car is really a head turner, with its sleek design, futuristic features and powerful hybrid engine, it made my special day even more memorable. I highly recommend Choice Signature and their BMW i8 for anyone looking for a luxurious and high-performance transportation option.”

  2. I had the chance to rent the 2022 Black Lamborghini Urus from Choice Signature for a special event, and I was blown away by the car’s performance and luxury. The exterior design is sleek and aggressive and the interior is luxurious and comfortable, with all the latest technology. The team at Choice Signature were friendly and helpful. The only downside was that I had to return the car after only a few days, but it was an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend renting the 2022 Black Lamborghini Urus from Choice Signature for a truly memorable experience.

  3. I had the pleasure of using Choice Signature’s BMW for a business trip and it was a fantastic experience. The car is truly a work of art, both inside and out, it made a great impression on my clients. The driver was on time, dressed in professional attire and very knowledgeable of the area. The cost was reasonable and the level of service was outstanding. I would highly recommend Choice Signature and their BMW i8 for anyone looking for a luxury transportation option that’s both practical and stylish, and would definitely rent from them again.

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