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Black Cadillac Escalade

Choice Signature provides luxury suv rental Pensacola including Lincoln, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and more. Secure an SUV rental from Choice Signature Rentals and travel in comfort. Our SUV rentals seat between 4 and 7 passengers, and they offer modern luxury comforts and rugged driving performance. Whether you’re planning a trip to the mountains or you want a daily driver with plenty of storage, securing a rental SUV gives you utility and options for comfortable day trips and more. We offer a large selection of SUV models, but you must carefully consider the size you need for your group before deciding on a rental.

Select the Right Size

Both small and large groups can ride in our SUVs comfortably. If you’re a group of four, we offer compact SUV options that offer ample seating space with room for cargo as well. These small SUVs offer more headroom and storage space than cars while giving drivers more power and performance for a satisfying drive.

Larger groups of up to 7 can ride in our SUV models with plenty of seating space. These SUVs are ideal for family trips, business events, and other activities where space is important. You shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort when renting a vehicle and when you drive one of our full-sized SUVs, you won’t have to.

Get a Luxury SUV and Stand Out

When most rentals are working hard to be affordable and simple, it feels good getting a luxury SUV with all the comfort features you could want. Enjoy heated and ventilated seats and listen to the deep bass of a premium sound system as you ride around in a Porsche, an Escalade, or a G Wagon.

Catch the eye of everyone you pass by, and fall in love with exclusive comfort features that mainstream vehicles don’t yet offer. You’ll enjoy the modern media systems in these vehicles, as well as the comfortable upholstery and the exclusive interior finishes that stand out in a big way when compared to basic rental cars.

Secure Your Rental Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until the last moment to claim a luxury SUV. Talk with our team today and secure an SUV for when you’re ready for it. Our exclusive lineup of SUV models includes many vehicles to rent, and while you may be able to get a vehicle at the last minute, you’ll enjoy better options to choose from when you get a rental early.

Call ahead of time to learn about our available luxury SUVs. Ask questions about their features, get more information about the seating capacity of the different vehicles and carefully choose a model that’s perfect for your needs when you take your time.

Do you need a car rental for 4 or more passengers? If so, Choice Signature provides luxury suv rental Pensacola including Lincoln, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and more. At Signature Choice Rentals, we work to offer you the best rental experience in the Pensacola Metro area. Our staff is knowledgeable, quick, and responsive. You can call us to secure a reservation anytime during the day. Talk with a member of our team right now and secure your rental today. You can also fill out our contact form, and one of our staff will call you as soon as we can with your requested information.

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